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Who is the Jellyfish

From 22,50 per person. Less than 20 people? Ask for the possibilities.

Who is the Jellyfish? A Thrilling Team Day Experience

Have you ever been captivated by the intrigue of the television show "Wie is de Mol?" (Who is the Mole)? Dive into the action with Beleving aan Zee's rendition: "Who is the Jellyfish?" Immerse yourself in a challenging game where teamwork is essential, but trust is elusive.

The Game's Essence
Teams embark on exciting assignments to accumulate (fake) money. However, lurking among them is the Jellyfish, a mysterious saboteur whose identity remains a mystery. Only through keen observation and strategy can you discern the Jellyfish's mischievous deeds.

Crack the Code or Stay Undetected
After completing tasks, participants face a pivotal test about the Jellyfish's identity and actions. The one with the least knowledge exits, while the cunning Jellyfish remains anonymous. The victor? The individual who unveils the Jellyfish's identity and claims the amassed money!

Is it You, a Colleague, or Someone Else?
Could the mastermind be a team leader, that quiet colleague, or even you? The mystery unfolds as alliances form and suspicions arise.

Tailored Team Day Experience

Experience the thrill of "Who is the Jellyfish?" amidst the scenic beauty of Hoek van Holland or within a chosen beach club setting. This captivating event spans approximately 2 hours and can seamlessly integrate with a delightful lunch or BBQ at our partnered beach club, R Port, in Hoek van Holland.

Unravel the mystery, foster teamwork, and enjoy an unforgettable day with "Who is the Jellyfish?" by Beleving aan Zee.

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